Flash Gordon Could be the Next Superhero to be a Movie, But Do We Really Need Another?

Are you tired of the Superhero movie trend? Too bad, because another one is on the way. Twentieth Century Fox stole the rights for King Comics' Flash Gordon which centers around a handsome polo-playing Yale graduate who travels to the treacherous planet of Margo to save the day with his strength and bravado. Star Trek 3's writers are on board to pen the script and among the three men is John Davis who spent over a year trying to get the rights to the film from the Hearst Corporation. Now finally in the writers' hands, it's being overseen by Matt Reilly (who also worked on the Lego Movie). It's likely they'll work quickly to get the film to the viewers. But do we really want this movie to happen?

Flash Gordon is just another strong, white, male entering a movie world filled with the same type of superhero movies. Call it Captain America, Superman, Batman, or Thor—they all look about the same. We still can't get a Black Widow film to happen, but we guarantee Flash Gordon will make a speedy arrival to the box office and will make a ton of money. Those kinds of movies always do which is why they keep getting made even though there are already a billion of them. Just look at Marvel's history of signing actors for multi-film deals at once. They have hero films planned all the way out to 2021. So if you're wondering if this trend is going to die anytime soon, it won't. We're in it for the long haul. Or at least for the next seven years.

I'm sure Flash Gordon fans will be excited to hear that their beloved hero may be making his way to a theater near them, but I think we might want to take a break from so many superhero movies. They're great, but there are a lot of films out there worth making. Maybe we should focus years of our attention on those instead of just chasing down comic book rights. Or at the very least, if we have to have seven more years of superhero films, can we vary the diversity of the leads a little bit? Keep things interesting.

Image: reactiongifs