Kate Middleton & Prince William Learn To DJ & Prince George Is Going To Be Sooo Embarrassed — VIDEO

Kate Middleton, Prince William, and their adorable baby Prince George have been on their royal tour of Australia and New Zealand for much of April and this has lead to a wide variety of scenarios for the family. They visited a zoo where Prince George got to meet a bilby (an Australian rabbit-like thing) named after him, the couple took painfully bad photos with each other at Ayers Rock, and now they've tried their hands at something far out of their royal realm. Kate Middleton and Prince William learned to DJ while at the Northern Sound System in Adelaide, Australia and the results were appropriately awkward.

During their visit to the center, Kate and Will met DJ Shane Peterer (who needs a better DJ name, I might add) in front of a large crowd and were taught to scratch records. According to E! News, Will told Kate, "It's all yours," and gestured for her to try it out first. Kate added, "William's got lots more experience than I have," but then proved that she's got the most rhythm in the royal family. Which is to say, not much rhythm.

In a video taken of the event, Kate looks apprehensive about trying out record scratching, but after she does, the entire crowd cheers and claps because she's royalty and that's what you do when a royal does anything. The local reporters who filmed the DJing awesomely commented the entire time with lines like, "DJ Jazzy Kate on the decks" and "I suspect there's a few nightclubs in London that may have seen her doing the decks, spinning some tunes."

Will then tries his hand at scratching and is somehow even more awkward about it than Kate. They're just so formal about everything! I know they're normal people at heart, but they know they're royalty and have to follow the rules. You can see them thinking, "This is allowed, right?" One reporter says of Will's skills, "Looks like maybe William has inherited Charles sense of rhythm." The DJ himself later agreed that Kate beat William when it comes to DJing skills. "She was fantastic but he can fly a helicopter. So horses for courses."

Check out the video for yourself and decide which of these horrible DJs you would least want at your party.