Prince George Met the Australian Easter Bunny

Prince George had an adorable Easter down under that included him meeting the Australian version of the Easter Bunny. During an event at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, the royal family met a bilby named George in honor of the newest member of the monarchy. As with everything Prince George encounters these days, he displayed a world of emotions, from sheer delight to absolute apathy all in the span of a few minutes. And so the public fell deeper in love with Prince George and his tiny face and ability to make us care about the royal family.

The engagement served to open the official Prince George Bilby Exhibit at the Taronga Zoo and allowed Prince George to come face to face with his namesake. The bouncy baby rushed to the habitat to get a closer look at the fluffy animal and seemed absolutely enamored with him, which was a stark contrast to his not-impressed facial expressions throughout this tour. He gleefully squealed and peered over the glass as his dad fed the bilby. Hopefully interest in the royal family attending this event will help spread some awareness about the endangered animal's plight and the nation's conservation campaign. Part of the attempt to save this animal in the last decade has included turning him into a children's treat in the form of chocolate Easter bilbies, instead of bunnies, to encourage kids to support the cause.

Later Prince George was given a stuffed version of his new bilby friend but flung it to the ground as it obviously couldn't compare with the live animal.

"He does love it honestly," an embarrassed Prince William said. Yes, but he loves his little friend George WAY more:

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And thus concluded another adorable day in the life of Prince George. Stay tuned for his Steve Irwin-esque television show: "Prince George and His Little Bilby" which needs to be made like ASAP.

Image: Tumblr/georgesus