'The Bletchley Circle's Sophie Rundle May Not Be a Household Name, But She Should Be

There's nothing in this world that I enjoy watching more than underestimated female characters proving people wrong, so it's no surprise that I'm beyond excited for the U.S. premiere of Season 2 of ITV's The Bletchley Circle . A group of beautiful and intelligent ladies solving mysteries and showing everyone what they're made of on a daily basis? Sign me up! But specifically, sign me up for every scene that Sophie Rundle is in, because I'm seriously in love with her.

Rundle plays the character Lucy on the British mini-series, and while she might not have the sexual prowess of Millie (Rachel Stirling), the gutsy drive of Susan (Anna Maxwell Martin), or the wisdom of Jean (Julie Graham), she's got hidden courage behind her meek voice that'll knock anyone off their feet. And isn't that the best kind of courage? I think so. (Plus, Rundle seriously knows how to pull off the red lipstick look.)

When Rundle's not kicking butt alongside the other leading ladies — Season 2 will follow them as they try to clear the name of a woman on trial for murder — she's busy rocking it on the small screen, chilling with the Queen, and learning how to kick butt in real life. Check out what Rundle's been up to outside of The Bletchley Circle:

She has a recurring role in Showtime's Episodes.

She's also been in Great Expectations, Call the Midwife, Peaky Blinders, and Merlin.

She knows when it's time for a drink.

She's met the Queen (and definitely played it cool).

She's studied Krav Maga (and is totally a fan of Buffy).

Rundle had to go through intensive training of Krav Maga for her role as a detective in Talking to the Dead.

I had my Buffy moment - I was kicking ass! I was really chuffed with myself. There's an amazing fight sequence at the end that looks really cool, which I'm really proud of.

She's a cat person.

And she has the best taste in vacuums.

Images: World Productions 2013; Showtime