Jennifer Garner's 'All the Pretty Faces' is Bravo's Attempt to Class up the Network

Bravo is continuing with their attempt to class it up with scripted programming and now a well-known actress has joined in on the fun. Jennifer Garner will executive produce All the Pretty Faces , a "murder dramedy," for the channel. Bravo is known for reality shows like the massively popular Real Housewives franchise (and hey, you can still catch Inside the Actors Studio sometimes), but the network has recently decided to add scripted series and thinks that Garner will be beneficial to that process.

Of the decision, Bravo's vice president of scripted development and production Andrew Wang said, "By teaming up with the incredibly talented Jennifer Garner, we can bring fans a compelling family drama with a fun, mystical twist."

You're probably wondering about the show itself. What the heck could a "murder dramedy" with "a fun, mystical twist" entail? Well, it sounds like Revenge meets Twilight meets... Romeo and Juliet? According to Deadline, "It centers on two warring families engaged in an epic, decades-long feud. The death of one of their own brings both families together in search of the secret to the affliction that has plagued them for generations…immortality." Sounds intense. And, yes, apparently it has comedic aspects too.

The announcement of All the Pretty Faces comes soon after Bravo greenlighted its first two scripted shows. There's Odd Mom Out, which sounds like a satirical version of The Real Housewives of New York Cit y (which I'm pretty sure is already a satirical version of the real, real housewives of New York City) and Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce which will star Lisa Edelstein of House fame.

All the Pretty Faces is just getting started, but Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce is set to premiere in 2015. A premiere date has not yet been set for Odd Mom Out.