Diane Keaton Proclaims Everlasting Friendship To Woody Allen Despite Abuse Claims

Diane Keaton is making it known that despite Woody Allen's recently drudged up drama, she's sticking by his side just as she has for the past give decades. In a statement to US Weekly Keaton proclaims, "I'm Woody's friend and I've been Woody's friend for 45 years. And nothing's going to change that." Strong and assured words for a scandal that is so very up in the air. While were all about unfaltering loyalty and long lasting friendships, we have to ask the question-- at what cost?

Here's a controversial friendship for you. If the claims are true (and I think they are) Woody Allen has done some grossly reprehensible things that he should be doing hard jail time for. Given his telling history of marrying his child bride stepdaughter, Allen doesn't appear to be innocent of the allegations, instead it fits into a pattern of deviancy. Ironically, he seems annoyed that he has to deal with the accusations again because he had thought he successfully swept that under the rug years ago. To make matters worse, Keaton and other friends of Allen are also treating this injustice as an inconvenience. In doing so, they're not only shaming the alleged victim, but they're shaming and quieting multitudes of other sexual abuse victims who don't also want to look like inconvenient and pesky fibbers.

By Keaton declaring her undying friendship to Allen, she's in essence saying "I don't care what he's done, because he has made my career." Which, as she should know, is perpetuating the feeling that he and other abusers are invincible and untouchable. I can't imagine how Dylan Farrow's dealing with this continuing nightmare of being treated as unwanted and insignificant. I only hope that other celebrities will come to their senses. Allen's work isn't worth the continuation of abuse. What we need to do is stop seeing his movies, stop awarding him, stop even talking about him because in doing so we give him power and we tell Farrow that we don't care. But we should care. I care. And I can't believe that in 2014 this is being taken so lightly.