5 Places Amanda Bynes Should Hit Up With Her Renewed License

In case anyone still had any doubts, it looks like Amanda Bynes is officially back on track. After rejoining Twitter and announcing plans to pursue an education in fashion, Bynes appears to be making excellent progress following her release from rehab, now reaching yet another milestone: As of today Bynes's drivers license was officially reinstated, giving her back her claim to the open road. (It had originally been suspended in 2012, after two hit-and-run charges and a DUI arrest.) So, with three cheers and a celebratory engine rev or two for Amanda, here are a few pit stops we'd recommend making as she continues to zoom on down the road to recovery.

1. Her Local In-n-Out

Fact: their burgers have magical restorative properties — and everything tastes better when ordered at a drive-thru window.

2. A Drive-In Movie

Sure, this is one form of entertainment that may have thinned out somewhat over the years — gone the way of yore like The Amanda Show's Blockblister (and, by now, its real-life antecedent) — but So Cal has got to have a place that still carries out the vintage tradition. I'd be willing to bet she could even find one showing She's the Man.

3. The Grand Canyon

Okay, maybe that's a little overambitious — but this kind of life-revamp moment is the perfect time for a road trip somewhere magnificent and full of nature, the type of place that makes your want to open your arms wide and sigh and shout a few "King of the World!"s.

4. The Beach

For a more feasible therapeutic nature jaunt, there's always one of L.A.'s many seasides locales — because really, what could be better than sitting on the hood of your car and staring out at the ocean-y sunset? I don't know about you, Neil Armstrong, but that's my Sea of Tranquility.

5. The Car Wash

... because let's be honest, that can be crazy therapeutic, too — the dripping soap patterns, the rhythmic swish of those cleaning flaps. It's the white noise of afternoon activities, combined with the heartening knowledge that your car is getting polished to a T. (Or is that just me? Either way, it can't be, like, a bad idea, right?)

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Image: PeterPansShadow13/Tumblr