Chris Martin Nods to Gwyneth Paltrow Split in New Coldplay Song "Oceans" — VIDEO

Ever since Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow announced their split, we've all been having a bit of fun with it. The phrase "consciously uncoupled" hasn't stopped being funny yet and when Paltrow and Martin are doing things like going on vacation together, it's kind of hard to believe that anything they do doesn't have to do with the other in some way. So when Chris Martin debuted Coldplay's new song "Oceans" on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, there was only one conclusion to draw. After all, it doesn't matter how amicable a split may be; it still hurts. And if the single is anything to go by, then Martin is really hurting.

But who says the song is actually hinting at anything to do with Paltrow? Um, everything. Maybe it was the acoustic guitar enhancing Martin's lingering vocals. Maybe it was his expression of intense concentration that looked almost sad. Maybe it was the missing ring on his finger. Or maybe it was those incredibly depressing, incredibly illuminating lyrics.

"Behind the walls, love, I'm trying to change. I'm ready for it all, love. I'm ready for the pain," sings Martin before going on to say, "You've got to find yourself alone."

The song could have nothing to do with Paltrow or it could have everything to do with Paltrow. Sometimes it's not just the song that's a clue. The timing of the song's debut is suspect as well. "Oceans" is about trying to fix a relationship and working to make yourself better so that you and your partner can do better. Paltrow's post-split plans are to take a break from acting to focus on her kids and if "Oceans" is any hint as to what Martin's plans are then we might someday see the two get back together. At the very least, it's not a stretch to say that Martin isn't ready to give up and move on just yet and that he's taking their separation very seriously.

Watch the performance below.

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