You Already Know 'Black Box' Star Kelly Reilly — Trust Us On This One

Perhaps this talented actress' time has come to finally be recognized by her own name: Black Box star Kelly Reilly has consistently turned in great performances as secondary characters for years, and now with ABC's mysterious new series she'll be in the spotlight.

Reilly plays Dr. Catherine Black in the awkwardly-named, but intriguing show about a brilliant neurologist who ironically happens to have mental-health issues herself. To make matters worse, Dr. Black has this strange need to go off her meds from time to time, resulting in strange moments that seem to involve lots of sensual moments and dancing if we're to believe Black Box's promos. The show also stars veteran actress Vanessa Redgrave as Dr. Black's therapist and the only one who initially knows about her bi-polar condition. The series is produced by a few powerful folks, including Bryan Singer of X-Men fame and recent notoriety.

Whether or not the show does well in ratings and reviews — so far critics don't seem to be too pleased — it seems so strange that Reilly is just now getting a title role. The English actress has been in some memorable projects in TV, film and theatre alongside big names from all over the world. Here are just a few you will recognize from both Hollywood and across the pond.

1. Pride & Prejudice

In the successful Keira Knightley update of Jane Austen's novel, Reilly played Caroline Bingley, sister of Charles Bingley and friend of Mark Darcy with the best resting bitch face I've ever seen. She plays the character of the spoiled and self-centered antagonist with great ease and even though I'm supposed to hate, I'll admit to admiring how seamlessly she's able to give backhanded remarks and compliments to the Bennett clan.

2. The Sherlock Holmes Franchise

In these two films starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as the iconic best friends Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, Reilly played Watson's love Mary Morstan. For those who don't remember the stories or don't watch Sherlock regularly (shame on you), Morstan is the girlfriend of Watson who later becomes his wife. Reilly holds her own against the over-the-top antics of Downey Jr.'s Sherlock.

3. Flight

In Denzel Washington's most recent Oscar-nominated film, Reilly plays Nicole, the heroin junkie turned sober lover and companion of Denzel's damaged pilot Whip Whitaker. It's a difficult role that would be challenging for anyone of any stature in Hollywood and Reilly again performs the struggles of the character brilliantly.

4. Eden Lake

This British horror film is not well-known by any means, but I had to include it in this list for one reason and one reason only: Michael Fassbender plays Kelly Reilly's boyfriend in it. So, she's one very lucky lady.

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