Justin Timberlake Leaves Huge Tip & Will Make You Wish You Worked At A German Club

There are a couple of reasons to want to work at a restaurant or bar that Justin Timberlake visits. For one, you and the rest of the staff can giggle and stare at him from afar. For two, you can go brag to all of your friends afterward. And, for three, apparently he leaves big tips. Justin Timberlake left a nearly $4,000 tip at a club in Cologne, Germany. According to The Sun newspaper, Timberlake, who was in Germany for his 20/20 Experience World Tour, was invited to the Crystal Cologne club and given free drinks by owner Yunus Arslan. Okay, so you have to give free drinks in order to get a tip like the $3,920 one waitstaff at Crystal Cologne received, but I'd say that's more than a fair trade.

Timberlake is said to have partied at the club until 4 a.m. and brought with him an entourage of 25 people, but the staff and owner sound glad to have had him stop by. Arslan said, "He was in a great mood, a real gentleman" and waitress Nina Blum added, "We were all really amazed."

As they should be! That's a huge tip! That's the kind of money that makes it worth it to work at a place called Crystal Cologne. And Timberlake should tip that much money. He's filthy rich. A $4,000 tip for him probably feels like a dollar-per-drink tip for the rest of us. Timberlake reportedly made $31.4 million in just the U.S. in 2013 off of his two 20/20 Experience albums and two tours, one with Jay Z and one solo. Hell, Timberlake should be tipping me for writing this article. I am making him look like a damn good guy.

In conclusion, Justin Timberlake is the best and we should all buy all of his albums and give him free things when he wants them and provide him with our Paypal info when his team tweets us saying that JT wants to give us money and point out that our Twitter handle is listed below.