Aaron Carter Goes On Another Hilary Duff Rant & Now Things Are Starting To Get Creepy

No one knows for sure why Aaron Carter is continuing to profess his love for Hilary Duff. Is it because he truly loves her? It is to stay relevant? It is because horrors of the Duff/Lohan/Carter cheating scandal still haunt him? It's unclear. What we do know is that Aaron Carter can't stop, won't stop talking about his ex from 11 years ago and that for some reason it's been weirdly entertaining. But now, things are starting to get a little creepy. For his most recent declaration, Aaron Carter said he's still in love with Hilary Duff. Straight up. And it wasn't on Twitter this time either, he said it to a real, live person during an interview.

When Carter was asked by Entertainment Tonight's Rob Marciano if he was still in love with Duff, he replied, "Absolutely… I don't know who she is today, she doesn't know who I am today but I would sweep her off her feet if I ever got a chance to again and fix what I did wrong." Carter is thought to have cheated on Duff with Lindsay Lohan while they were dating. In 2003. When they were 15. I think she's over it, dude.

Carter posted multiple tweets about Duff in March including these two very telling ones:

Aaron Carter just puts in all out there and I'm convinced it's because in the movies, if you're open enough about your feelings, your crush comes around in the end.

Of the tweets, Carter told ET, "That wasn't meant for the media or anybody like that… I didn't think about it really. I wasn't really looking for [a response] either. I'm sure she got the message." Duff doesn't follow Carter on Twitter so if she got the message, it wasn't directly. More likely, one of her friends was like, "Girl, you won't BELIEVE what I heard on E! today!" and then they reminisced about being silly teenagers and moved on.

Carter concluded, "I'm going to do everything in my power to fix those relationships in my life just like I want to fix the relationship I had with the love of my life. I'm not gonna give up on Hilary... ever." The "... ever" is giving me the creeps! What is he doing to prove his love besides giving interviews and tweeting? Has he even tried talking to her directly? He might give up if he hears a real, solid response. Hilary! Are you out there? Talk to Aaron. Well, talk to him on Twitter, not in real life. Tell him your cool with the whole Lohan thing and that he doesn't need to hang on to hope for... ever.

I'm getting worried about what else he has planned. If he's already tweeted and given an interview to ET, what's next? The cover of Us Weekly? A message on a blimp? A — god forbid! — text message? This needs to be stopped and fast before things get too out of control.