'Jem: The Movie' Finds Its 4 Female Leads & You'll Thankfully Recognize Them All

Well this is some truly outrageous news: Jem and The Holograms, most every twentysomething girls' cartoon heroes, have been cast for their upcoming feature film adaptation titled Jem: The Movie . And no, it's not a bunch of cartoons taking the reins. The Scooter Braun-produced (really) feature has nabbed a Nashville singer, a Pretty Little Liar, and more to tackle the iconic '80s songstress and her badass back-up band. Looks like this thing is more than just a Tumblr pipedream: it's a Josie and the Pussycats for the modern age.

Aubrey Peeples of Nashville fame has been cast to play Jem in the live-action adaptation of the popular 80s/90s cartoon. Saddling up alongside her in the Justin Bieber manager-produced film will be Disney's A.N.T. Farm star, Stefanie Scott, set to play Kimber (Jem's little sister and the main songwriter in the band); Pretty Little Liars' Aurora Perrineau (Bianca on PLL) will tackle bass guitarist Shana; and The Fosters' Hayley Kiyoko will front the role of Aja, the tomboyish lead guitarist.

The story is said to focus on an orphaned teenage girl who becomes an online singing sensation (Oh, YouTube, what you have done for modern-day storytelling plotlines) who becomes embroiled in a music-driven scavenger hunt in Los Angeles, where they must unlock a "mysterious message" from her father, which I won't question even though the beginning of the description said she was an orphan. Apparently Braun and Co. are not messing around with this one, as the film has already begun shooting.

Image: Claster Television