Is This the Secret to Dating Success?

Nobody wants to go on a date with someone who spends all night tooting their own horn, and science has just confirmed that sentiment. We view humble people as more attractive romantic partners, according to research recently released in the Journal of Positive Psychology.

Basically, we like being around people who prefer forming social bonds over talking about their own accomplishments. Makes sense, right? Humility also makes you more likely to forgive your partner after a fight, making humble folks more likely to repair their relationships and stay together.

So how do you use this information to boost your love life? It's pretty basic: don't scare away your date by acting like Kanye would. Actually, making a good first impression is easier than you might think — according to a recent study, it all comes down to making eye contact, smiling, and making sure to shower and brush your teeth. Easy breezy.

The other unattractive traits should be pretty obvious. Smokers are repeatedly spurned in the world of online dating, and a survey recently revealed that the worst thing you can do on a first date is to take a smoke break. Other big no-no's include being glued to your cellphone and overdrinking. Got it?