7 Possible 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3' Plot Points

By now you now that The S isterhood of the Traveling Pants is the latest movie to randomly add another sequel even though the series ended 5ever ago. (It gets a free pass though because there were five books and there will only be three movies, so at least it's not pulling a Allegiant .) We don't know whether the original actors will return (they've been pretty busy on other projects lately). But we do have a sense of what the plot will be about. The movie is based off the final book in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" series called "Sisterhood Everlasting" which depicts the girls 10 years down the road since we've last seen them. They're leading very separate lives and have mostly fallen out of touch with one another. But a movie adaptation always brings with it the likelihood that a few things will change and new plot points could be added. So here are some possible things that could show up in the sequel assuming it doesn't stick exactly to the book.


At the end of the second film the world's most perfect jeans go missing, and are surprisingly not found at the end (which I always found kind of an awesomely unpredictable path for a movie to stick with). Will this sequel reintroduce the jeans though by having them suddenly wash up on a Greek island? Will it be the sign the women need to bring them back together again? Something has to bring the friends together, otherwise it will be a slightly less interesting movie. It might as well be the pants that started it all.


For the sake of argument let's say that the pants have survived the years unscathed. They're still pants from like 2005 (when the first movie came out) which aren't really on trend anymore. Will the girls feel embarrassed to wear light-wash, boot-cut jeans with patches and marker drawings on them? Will the plot center around the friends rejecting this clothing item because it's so 10 literal years ago?


Perhaps the girls will stumble upon a second pair of magic pants. This time a trendy, probably designer pair. What are the odds that two perfect pairs of pants exist in the world? (Zero, because I'm not even sure one pair of perfect jeans exists in the world, let alone a pair that can magically fit four very differently sized women.)


Ah the scary time after graduation. Who is employed? Who had to move home? Who is drowning in student debt? (Tibby and her film degree probs. Oh wait, didn't Lena go to art school? And Carmen is an actress? They're all screwed. This movie is basically going to be season one of Girls.)


Ten years in the future puts these friends at the perfect age to start getting married and popping out babies. I don't think all of them will do so, but I can see Lena feeling her Greek family's pressure to settle down and give them some grandchildren.


From the first book, this series has handled death from young Bailey's cancer to Bridget's mom's suicide. If you start a book with something so serious, you can bet it's going to end with some more deaths along the way. Unless movie magic scrubs these books clean of any sad endings.


It always comes back to boys in these kinds of movies doesn't it? But it's about sisterhood! Maybe, but it's also a YA novel aimed at women, and the movie will want to cater to that audience by bringing in some hunky actors to create some boy drama.

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