There Will Be A Third 'Sisterhood' Movie!

by Mallory Schlossberg

Let your young adult dreams live on! There is going to be a third Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants movie! Sisterhood Everlasting will be an adaptation of the third book from the popular YA series by Ann Brashares about four pals who grow up together, and mysteriously, all fit into one pair of magical-ish pants. The book was released in 2002.

Alloy Entertainment will develop the movie, and Ken Kwapis, who directed the very popular 2005 film will return, and Liz Garcia will pen the script. We can expect this movie to do pretty well at the box office, considering the first two movies in the franchise earned $42 million and $44.4 million respectively. Even if the target audience has grown up a tad, the movie has grown up with them, as it documents the four pals when they reunite ten years later. They're in their twenties, and as many twentysomethings have experienced with their high school friends, they've grown apart. Can they revive their friendship?!

Les Morgenstein, the president of Alloy Entertainment, said the following:

The Sisterhood series is one of Alloy’s most cherished properties and we are looking forward to continuing its legacy with Sisterhood Everlasting nearly a decade after the first film was released [...] The original film brought together an incredible group of talent who we hope to unite for fans once again.

Amen! Who didn't love the original movie with Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively and America Ferrara? Which teen girls didn't nix the age-inappropriate "I'm a Carrie, but you're a Samantha" conversation for the much more relevant "I'm a Tibby, you're a Bridget" conversation instead?

The four ladies who originated the roles and reprised them in the sequel have yet to speak about whether or not they will return for the third installment of the series, but fingers crossed that they will. Without a doubt, these four ladies have certainly gone on to enjoy pretty stellar, albeit diverse (see: Amber Tamblyn, poet) careers, even if Alexis Bledel will always be Rory Gilmore to the majority of us.

No word on when it will come out yet, but this is the kind of movie that will make twentysomethings want to dip back into that pool of nostalgia from their teen years — and who knows — maybe even reunite a teen friendship or two.

Image: Warner Bros.