You Know You're a Hunter Student When...

Say what you want about city universities in New York, but Hunter College students know that in spite of its cold, steely façade, this Upper East Side public school can be a wonderful place. Sure, attending a commuter school has its ups and downs: rush hour may make you feel like you're in a can of sardines, but what other campus allows you to go shopping at Bloomingdales or relax in Central Park in between classes?

If you go here, you know what I'm talking about. Because love it or hate it, there are some things only we Hunter College students can truly understand.

You've spent countless hours on the bridge instead of in class

But the view at night is totally worth it

You fangirled when Gossip Girl was filmed here

Or rolled your eyes at the inconvenience.

Two words: Escalator Wars

Also known as stairs, since they hardly function half the time.

You know what those soundproof music practice rooms are really for...

and that OASIS is the exact opposite of what it sounds like

We've all experienced the dread of waiting at OASIS and the Bursar's Office only to be told to go online at the end of it.

you know the pain of getting trapped in the Hunter North elevators

Getting all your classes for registration is like winning the lotto

Because people would give their left kidney for that bio seat

The balcony is the ideal spot for, um, extracurricular activities

you know better than to expect class cancellation on snow days...

But at least you have the underground entrance

this is how you felt Seeing Thomas Hunter Hall for the first time without scaffolding...

you know that Getting to class during one of these is pure hell

Your dorm room (if you have one) is light years away from campus

And rumor has it, was probably home to a former psych patient.

You either love or loathe the Shakespeare & Co. cats

Need one more class to graduate? Expect another year

you know that getting into a nursing program is damn impressive

You'd rather write something by hand than go to the Student Resource Center

Swiping expensive food from the cafeteria hasn't been the same since the sushi guys came around

you know Vin Diesel is everyone's favorite alumnus

Hey, we've got some other notable graduates too. Audre Lorde, anyone?

You've perfected the art of avoidance while walking through the bridge...

but what's Homecoming?

how you feel finding good food outside school that isn't Chipotle...

and most of all, when haters say Hunter doesn't have a campus

you reply, um...

Because only babies need gates for safety

Gotta love this school.