First Photo From 'The Maya Rudolph Show' Will Get You Even More Pumped for the Series

So, yes, this is a thing that is ACTUALLY happening at long last, and now we have visual evidence. We've got a first look at a picture from The Maya Ruldoph Show , which is essentially television's gift to us. Thank you, television!

The picture was taken during rehearsal, and it looks like Rudolph is rehearsing a musical number with a bunch of dancers, just like one would expect to happen in a retro variety show. Take note of what's in the back, too — you can see a bunch of wigs labeled Maya's wigs, which is a variety or sketch show's code for you're in for some damn great characters.

The show, which is going to be a one-hour long variety special, will air on May 19 directly after The Voice at 10 p.m. Fingers crossed that it will turn into a weekly series because a) variety shows need a comeback (who doesn't love a good old fashioned song 'n dance number?) and b) Maya Rudolph needs to be on network television on a weekly basis.

Also, the guest list is amazing . We're going to see Fred Armisen, Kristen Bell, Sean Hayes, Chris Parnell, Craig Robinson, and Andy Samberg, so there is no doubt that this will be something worth stopping your Monday night for.

We can't wait!