Was Prince George Photoshopped on 'Us Weekly' Cover? Here, Decide For Yourself — PHOTOS

Us Weekly is in hot water for a new Photoshop scandal, and you'll never believe the celebrity that the magazine is said to have digitally tweaked. No, it's not Kim Kardashian, Lorde, or even a Real Housewife. The subject of this Photoshop controversy? None other than the 9-month-old son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince George. That's right: Us Weekly allegedly Photoshopped a baby .


I took a look at the allegedly Photoshopped cover, and it does seem like the magazine chose to alter this adorable royal. While Prince George is still recognizable on the cover (he looks like a regular ole' cute baby, as per usual) his eyes are significantly brighter, his hair is thicker, and his cheeks are rosier than they are in the original photo that Us Weekly borrowed for the cover. We reached out to Us Weekly for a comment and will update the article with their response.

But, guys. If this is what Us Weekly — and nearly every other magazine in the country — does to babies, what are they doing to older celebrities? It's pretty alarming to think that our standards of beauty now extend to making sure even our 9-month-old children have the most glowing skin they can possibly have.

Here's the allegedly Photoshopped cover. What do you think?

Here's the Getty version:

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Looks a bit altered to me, is all I'm saying.