Where Does the 'Parks and Rec' Finale Rank Among These 9 Other Time-Jumping Series?

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Parks & Rec's sixth season finale was filled with surprises, but none bigger than the episode's final 60 seconds. The Unity Concert went off without a hitch, Leslie made her decision about the National Parks Service job and even found a way to bring it to Pawnee. It seemed like the perfect way to end one season and begin setting up another. Then Parks flashed forward three years, leaving the future completely up in the air.

What was Ben's "big night" that required him to wear a tuxedo? Why is Leslie's office on a media lockdown? Who's meeting them downstairs? How are those triplets all so freaking cute? Thanks to that time jump, Parks fans have never been so eager for a new season, hoping to get a glimpse at what Leslie's new life is like, and what everyone else has been up to.

Of course Parks isn't the first series to use a time jump to shake things up, or even the first to do it so well. Here are some other series that made good use of a time jump—at least for a while.

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