Cast Of 'The Other Woman' Is Just As Silly As Your Real-Life Friends — VIDEO

Thursday night, co-stars Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz appeared on Late Night With Seth Myers and chatted about their new movie The Other Woman , also starring Kate Upton, in theaters Friday. Mann, Diaz, and Upton play three women who discover they are all dating (or married to) the same man, bonded by their connection to the three-timing cheater. Hilarity and various hijinks ensue as the three plot revenge against the "gentleman" in question and ultimately become friends, resulting in a fun, funny, girl-power comedy.

On Late Night, Mann and Diaz say that the movie was just as fun to make as it will be to watch, and the cast had there plenty of time for real-life girl-bonding on and off the set. Things get a little silly when the two co-stars reveal a prank they played on co-star Kate Upton.

Turns out, these hilarious ladies are just as goofy as your real-life best friends. They prank their sleeping friends, they wear sharpie mustaches in solidarity, and they sing about balls. Diaz outs Upton as the "grandma" of the group who never wants to go out (there's one in every group of friends!) but, like true friends, these ladies clearly know how to make a plane ride fun.

In the sweetest conclusion of a prank and possible the ultimate definition of real-life friendship, Diaz and Mann even wipe off Upton's drawn-on mustache (after snapping a few photos), in possibly the nicest gesture ever, considering the fact that they just drew a mustache on their sleeping co-star in permanent marker. Diaz and Mann are the hilariously inappropriate friends you know you have, or are, or wish you had.

Watch the story unfold:


The cast of The Other Woman brings their goofiness to theaters today.

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Image: LateNight/YouTube