Will the 'Revenge' Season 3 Plot Twist Save The Show? It Damn Well Could

I know, you were in a state of panic last Sunday when Revenge was bumped out of its usual time slot for the TV movie In My Dreams on ABC. Well, fear not — because Revenge is back on Sunday night with a new episode and a semi-plot twist that might save the series. We were all starting to worry that Victoria Grayson was gaining on Emily Thorne but it looks like the Hamptons' slipperiest socialite is going to turn the tables on everyone again in Sunday night's "Revolution".

So what's the ABC soap got in store for fans this week? PLOT TWIST: Emily Thorne is getting a new identity — Agent Rebecca Stone, Homeland Security. Okay, that's not really a plot twist because she isn't actually Rebecca Stone, but at least that's one way of covering your tracks. Since the Revenge returned with its midseason premiere, Victoria Grayson has gotten dangerously close to figuring out Emily's plan — but the master of many faces might have just figured out a way to outsmart her yet again. Which is kind of exciting for those of us that've found the recent storylines about Stevie Grayson being Jack's mother, Victoria confronting her rapist, and the courtship of Pascal LeMarchal to be a tad boring. (Yawn, when was the last time Revenge even had us on the edge of our seats?)

In this sneak peek for "Revolution," it looks like Emily, Aidan, and Nolan hatch a scheme to impersonate CIA agents to get a confession out of Pascal. And we're almost as surprised as the French financier is to see Emily or rather, Rebecca Stone, sitting on the other side of the interrogation table.

Creating a new identity for Emily just added yet another layer to this saga and we can't say we're complaining. The plain, old Emily Thorne wasn't getting anywhere lately and it was starting to get tiresome to watch her try and fail over and over again to get the upper hand. It's ambitious to add yet another persona to this series, but it'll definitely be Emily's most interesting role yet — considering she can drop the charade of the delicate, jilted, former-wife of Daniel Grayson. Watch the sneak peek here:

See? Power, arrogance, and command — all the things we've been missing about Emily Thorne for a while as she navigated the murky waters of romance with Daniel and Aidan. And it looks like Rebecca Stone is going to do some serious work on the situation by demanding answers about the Hamptons' most dysfunctional family. In the promo for the upcoming episode, Victoria asks, "Is he using me?" which can only mean one thing, Pascal is definitely afraid of the Homeland Security agent that booked him in New York City and he's gathering intel to hand over. VICTORY.

So, does this mean Revenge is on the upswing to becoming the show that caught our attention in 2011? I hope so — if the return of strong, tough Emily Thorne can't save the show from falling deeper into the boring abyss, they may have to just shoot her again.

Watch the promo for "Revolution" here:


Image: ABC