Kate Upton's Lines in 'Other Woman' Are Plain Sad

by Kaitlin Reilly

Kate Upton may be a supermodel with a few Sports Illustrated spreads under her belt, but this month, she'll also be making her debut in her first major acting role. Upton stars in The Other Woman , alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, as one of the secret girlfriends of Mann's cheating husband. When Upton finds out that her new beau is married (AND having a second affair) she teams up with the scorned ladies to exact their revenge. Sure, the plot sounds a lot like an adult version of John Tucker Must Die, but I have to admit that I was excited to see a movie where women are playing nicely with one another. Girl power, right?

Uh, not so much for Upton, so it seems. Vulture published a list of Upton's lines from The Other Woman and it appears that the script didn't give much for this model/budding actress to work with. For one thing, you'll be amazed by how little Upton actually says at all in this comedy. Most of her lines involve saying things like, "Yeah," and "Kate, what's going on?" Sure, this is pure speculation since I haven't yet seen the film, but from the context of the script, it seems that Upton spends a lot of time listening to other people talk and little of it moving the plot forward.

Hey, that's fine — not every character needs to be a big talker. I'm just a little curious to know why Upton is in the movie in the first place, if it isn't to drive the plot forward. You already have Mann as the wife and Diaz as the lawyer-mistress, so... why is Upton's character in the movie? Oh, right: to be hot. I've seen the trailer, which shows Upton doing what she does better than nearly every person on the planet: strutting around in a bikini. In fact, Diaz's character refers to Upton as "the boobs." Hmm.

There isn't anything wrong with Upton's character primarily functioning as eye-candy (it's not like I watch The Bachelorette because I really want to know how Tom feels about the conflict in Russia, so I know that this goes both ways) but it is a little disappointing to see this from a film that I had hoped would be a (dare I say it) feminist take on the rom-com.

I wanted to see women on the same side for once, and it seems like these three women are, which definitely gives the movie points. I just wish they gave Upton's character the chance to be a fully fleshed-out character instead of what seems to be just a mostly-silent hottie.

Hopefully I'm wrong and the film does, in fact, use Upton as more than just eye candy. But from the looks of the script, I'm thinking that Upton spends a lot of it looking really great in swimwear.

Image: Fox