Podrick From 'Game of Thrones' Will Surprise You With His Singing Abilities — VIDEO

Don't you just love Podrick Payne? Tyrion's surprisingly sexual, goodhearted and good-natured squire...whom Tyrion recently told to leave? Ugh, that was heartbreaking. But! Consolation! Here's Podrick Payne singing "The Rains of Castamere," which is the Lannister song that kicked off the tragedy known as the Red Wedding. The tune may conjure up some sad memories, but watching Pod (Daniel Portman) put his sweet baritone on the song will bring a smile to your face.

Portman was interviewed by Thronecast, a British video series from Sky Atlantic, which covers the ever-popular Game of Thrones. It's pretty great watching him as he sits in the Iron Throne. He sits back, super comfortably, totally owning that seat.

Although this clip pretty brief, we've got to wonder: is something bad going to happen to Pod in the coming episodes? Hearing "The Rains of Castamere" is usually pretty ominous; it's foreboding and generally indicates that bad news (read: death) is well on its way. I totally love Pod, and we all know the rule in Game of Thrones: if you win the heart of the audience, you're probably not gonna stay around for much longer. But instead of crying over what we don't know will happen, let's listen to Portman but his spin on the Westeros tune:

Sky Atlantic on YouTube

Image: HBO