'16 And Pregnant' Introduces Millina: Get To Know Her Before Her Big Episode

Thank the MTV and reality television gods that 16 And Pregnant is finally back. What have we been doing with our Monday nights before now? We’re only three episodes into Season 5, and tonight, we meet Millina Kacmar, who MTV describes as “a girl with a troubled past [who] gets pregnant while her mom is in jail.” From that sentence alone, we know we’re in for a doozy.

Still, it's important to remember that while these young girls are reality "stars," they are also real young women with real life struggles, not simply TV personalities to gawk at. Who is the real Millina? And what is her life like beyond the reach of MTV's cameras?

Before we see Millina struggle with teen pregnancy and childbirth in front of the unforgiving camera, we dug up some info on our latest MTV mama so we can get to know her ahead of time. Twitter is a beautiful thing, huh? If you want to preview her social media presence, check Millina's Twitter out at @meanabear, where you can read her tweets in all their glory.

Before her episode airs Monday night, here are a few things we've learned about the real Michigan native:

She’s involved in some super intense family drama.

Per the 16 & Pregnant Season 5 trailer, she doesn’t trust her baby daddy’s mom to watch her son. Something crazy is definitely going on there.

Millina looks up to Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans

Why would anyone look up to Jenelle? Because, um — we’ll have to get back to you. Maybe she has her reasons?

She takes a million selfies with her baby, Kayden.

And for good reason, because He. Is. Adorable.

She’s single.

Millina and her boyfriend (and Kayden’s father), Trevor, recently broke up — and Millina doesn't seem to be taking it too well.

She frequently quotes Taylor Swift lyrics.

So she’s clearly kind of emotional and has excellent taste.

Her mom Rachelle is on the straight and narrow.

Drugs appear to be the reason Millina's mom was in jail (multiple times) in the first place. According to what Millina told Teen Mom Truth, her mom’s in rehab and is actively involved in her daughter’s life.

Also, in a clip previewing her episode, we learn we’ll be seeing one of Rachelle’s court dates, where she explains she had to miss Kayden’s birth. “I’m not there for my children the way I should be,” she says. “And I can’t do this anymore.”

The good news about such a drama-packed episode being shown so early in the 16 And Pregnant season instead of being saved for the finale? MTV must have some amazing material up their sleeves for this summer. Buckle up — this could be one of the best seasons ever.

Images: Twitter (2), The Hollywood Gossip