What Happens To Bran Stark In The Books?

Poor Bran Stark and Jon Snow. Will they ever be together again? One can only hope so, but it's Game of Thrones we're talking about, so who the hell knows. On Sunday's episode of GoT, we saw Bran and Jon as close to each other as they've been in basically forever — does anyone even remember them being happy together in Season 1? — and they weren't even that close to each other at all.

Jon is attempting to round up an army of men to avenge Lord Mormont's death over at Craster's Keep by killing the ex-members of the Night's Watch who betrayed them, but the issue is that the head of the deserters, Karl, totally just accidentally captured Bran (along with Jojen and Meera Reed). If I know anything about GoT and how they handle hostages and exchanges at all (and I do), then there's a chance that things won't end well for someone in this three-way party made up of Jon, Bran, and Karl (please let it be Karl). But here's the thing, I can't wait to see how things go for Bran, and if you clicked on this link, neither can you — let's see what's in store for the Stark boy:

Okay, so honestly, things are a little tricky as far as it comes to plot lines for Bran. Apparently GoT decided to speed up Bran's storyline during Season 4, so it's a little unclear what they plan on using from the book. But here's what we do know from George R. R. Martin's books: Bran does not die at the hands of Karl. In fact, I'm pretty sure Bran doesn't even meet up with Karl in the books (but, I'm not 100 percent sure). The sucky news is that it doesn't look like Bran and Jon are going to reunite any time soon. Bran's future seems to be full of a lot of Hodor and greensighting. Fingers crossed that GoT decides to include a Bran and Jon reunion, because it will be totally epic and tear-inducing.

Images: HBO