Lindsay Lohan's New Movie Can't Get Funding but You Should Have Faith She'll Find a Way

Poor LiLo, she just can't seem to catch a break. After the series finale of her OWN docu-series totally tanked, there are now rumors that her next project, a film titled Inconceivable (the irony of the title is not lost on us here) might not come to fruition after all. Apparently Lohan's "diva behavior" and inability to show up to the set are causing the producers to run into some issues getting the dough for the project to go through.

But when has a little thing like money ever stop Lohan? Sure, the girl has had her fair sure of hardships, but she always seems to bounce back. And then bounce backwards. And then back upwards. We're not saying she's the picture of success — far from it. But even in the face of public mockery and constant speculation from the public about "wtf is wrong with that girl," one thing we can definitely say for her: she is resilient, and she always tries to reinvent herself after a disaster.

Fall down seven times, get up eight, right Lilo? Besides the darker stints in rehab, here are some of her less severe but still pretty upsetting moments, all of which she came back from in one way or another. The girl just keeps on keepin' on.

5. Homewrecking Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff.

Remember when Aaron Carter and a pre-veneer Hilary Duff seemed destined to get married and have a ton of Disney Channel prodigies as children? Well, Carter got bored with Duff, and cheated on her with a much "wilder" Lohan. Even when she was tame, she was the baddie.

4. This super-weird Rolling Stone cover.

"Hot, ready, and legal." Two of those words are also used to describe Little Caesar's pizzas. Horrible copywriting, or genius? Either way, it's super creepy that she ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone to celebrate her legal status...

3. Liz and Dick.

It's truly a feat to choose Lohan's worst film, but it seems like Liz and Dick crushed her the most emotionally. She thought it was going to be her magnum opus, her tribute to one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Instead, it was an epic, universal disaster.

2. Those F-U nails.

Leave it to Lilo to scrawl "F*ck You" on her nails in 2010 at her probation violation hearing. She was also infamous for using the trial as a personal fashion show, wearing some pretty on-point outfits to the courthouse. But come on, girl—insolence is one thing, but you really want to be that bratty to a judge?

1. That infamous photo of her passed out in Sam Ronson's car.

An early one, but a photograph that is forever cemented on the history of the Internet. You know the one—Lilo wearing a great hoodie, head thrown back, tawny hair askew, passed the hell out in her then-girlfriend Samantha Ronson's car. Can you believe that was all the way back in 2007? It's been a long road for Lohan since then, and though she might not be TOTALLY on the up-and-up, she's definitely on the... slightly upward path.

She's got Oprah on her side now, and if she can keep coming back and giving it her best go after such infamous incidents time and time again, maybe we've got a thing or two to learn about perseverance from Lilo. If The Canyons was able to be made, I'm pretty sure she'll find a way to get Inconceivable on the screen.