Sarah Silverman is Joining 'Masters of Sex', Giving Us So Many Reasons to Be Excited

OH MY GOOD GOD you guys, Sarah Silverman will be on Masters of Sex in a recurring role, appearing on Showtime's brilliant and wonderful series. And while the news of her appearance is worthy enough of a story itself, what makes it all so doubly exciting is her role. She's not just playing any run-of-the-mill lady of the era — though the mere idea of her heading to the best new drama of last year is an exciting prospect indeed — she's playing Helen, the old flame of Annaleigh Ashford's prostitute, Betty. Which means we're in store for so much electric comedy and chemistry that we can hardly stand it.

For those who can't remember, allow us to remind you. Throughout the course of season one, Betty often made mention of her former flame, Helen. The woman seemed likely to be poor, beleaguered Betty's soulmate, for all the love they seemed to share. But Betty's ambitions placed a higher priority on stability, kids, and marriage than love, so she had decided to marry the Pretzel King/meal ticket, Gene (Greg Grunberg) instead.

With Silverman set to recur as Helen, the former lover of Annaleigh Ashford’s Betty, we're likely to get a veritable smorgasbord of sad-but-wonderful comedy. Because make no mistake: Ashford's comedic chops are on-par with any other working comedic actress out there. With Silverman at the helm, it's no doubt that just like Betty's quick-talking prostitute-turned-secretary, Helen will also be a spitball in her own right. And that doesn't even take into consideration the fact that Helen is a palm reader who truly believes she has that psychic magic (in addition to being another closeted lesbian like Betty). Picture the chemistry in your mind's eye: you're loving it, admit it!

But all of that stuff is perfect comedic fodder for Silverman, who's latest stand-up special, We Are Miracles , tackled the sort of uncomfortable, honest, tricky, existential humanity dealings that Masters of Sex dramatically ruminates on so well. Needless to say, when Masters of Sex returns this summer (July 13th at 10PM), there's going to be a heaping, helping dose of funny. But before we go, a request: please let Helen read Dr. Masters' fortune. That would be truly hilarious.