When Does 'Masters of Sex' Return? Everything We Know About Season 2 & Why You Should Watch

We shouldn't have to tell you this, but: Showtime's Masters of Sex is a great television series. Like, really great. We love it a lot and you should, too. And with the announcement Wednesday morning that it (alongside fellow freshman series Ray Donovan) is set to return this summer, we felt it was the perfect time to remind you of the myriad reasons this show is beyond required viewing. Beyond its strengths as a show about progressive science and views on female sexuality, it's just a really compelling series with insanely good acting and — interestingly enough! — incredibly timely discussions on sex, the human psyche, and the politics of gender roles in a repressive society.

Now that we know when to expect season two — July 13th at 10PM on Showtime — we figured it was time to bring you up to speed on the many reasons why Masters of Sex is required viewing.

What We Know

  • Betsy Brandt (Damnit, Marie: those are minerals!) of Breaking Bad and The Michael J. Fox Show fame is set to recur on the series as Dr. Masters' new secretary.
  • As is Keke Palmer, singer/Disney star, will tackle the role of Coral, the Masters family's new nanny.

Where We Left Off

  • At the end of season one, Masters had just given the presentation of his initial findings to his colleagues at Washington University in St. Louis... and it definitely didn't go well.
  • There was a video! It was maybe/probably Virginia masturbating to showcase part of Masters' findings.
  • Libby Masters had her baby after multiple failed attempts to conceive and give birth.
  • Barton Scully (Beau Bridges) and his wife, Margaret (Allison Janney) are on the outs with Margaret calling for divorce, though Barton is determined to go through with electroshock therapy to "cure" his homosexuality.
  • Virginia has left Masters' study to work for Dr. Lillian DePaul (Julianne Nicholson).
  • Ethan Haas (Nicholas D'Agosto) has given Virginia the opportunity to have the life of security she craves... in California, with him, away from the study. (No good!)

What May Be To Come (Note: Potential Spoilers Ahead!)

Having read the Thomas Maier book on which Masters of Sex is based (you can read our interview with Maier and series creator Michelle Ashford here), it seems likely that the second season will focus on the re-teaming of Masters and Johnson, and (major spoiler) the dissolution of their relationship with Wash U. As Masters determination grows, the duo set up shop basically across the street from the University, as the Masters and Johnson Institute. From there, the study will continue and ultimately evolve into the best-selling, groundbreaking book, Human Sexual Response. With the addition of the Barton/Margaret Scully storyline, we imagine there will be further dissection of homosexuality and the notably conservative viewpoint Masters takes on the matter.

Likely the shift in power, practices, and problems of the Masters and Johnson Institute will slowly build — as will the increasingly complicated relationship between the two themselves. Having read Masters of Sex, I know there's an interesting and very complicated dynamic set up between the duo — and it's not as lovey-dovey as that finale moment may have led you to believe.

Because — believe it or not — the relationship between Masters and Johnson has many roadblocks before it reaches its ultimate resolution. And that includes at least one more major relationship is likely in her future. And things are sure to get more tenuous between Masters and his wife as her desire for a family looms large and continues to grow.

So — there you have it. Enough reasons to convince you that picking up Masters of Sex is worth your while when it returns July 13 at 10 p.m.?

Image: Showtime