What Do The Duggars Even Do All Day?

by Casey Rackham

Five bucks to whoever can tell me (without looking it up) what the Duggar family does when they're not filming 19 Kids & Counting. No one? That's what I thought.

Although the family of 21 has been giving us a peek into their lives via their TLC show since 2008, it's pretty hard to pinpoint what Jim Bob, Michelle, or any of their kids actually do on a day-to-day basis. (My first guess would be that they spend most of their time coming up with other possible "J" names for future kids, but my common sense tells me I'm probably wrong.)

Sure, I know that they homeschool their kids, that they're super religious, and that their rules of courtship are extremely regimented, but I don't really know what they do when the cameras are turned off. Does Jim Bob have a job? Do the kids have friends that they hang out with that aren't in the family? Do they go to college? Well, thank god Michelle has a blog on TLC's website that gives us a better idea of what the massive (and constantly growing) family does to keep busy.

Jim Bob totally has an actual job.

Jim Bob is a commercial real estate investor and Michelle is a licensed real estate agent, but I've got a feeling that their family and TV show takes up most of their free time.

Most of the older kids have jobs.

After receiving their GEDs, it looks like the older Duggar children enter the workforce or get on-the-job-training instead of going to a traditional college. Jana and Jill have been training to become midwives, Josh is working as a lobbyist for the extremely conservative Family Research Council, Jinger is a wedding photographer, Joseph is working at a fire department, and John-David is training to be a pilot.

The younger kids spend most of their days being homeschooled.

According to Michelle, a normal Duggar day goes as follows: breakfast, chores, school, lunch break (which includes scripture and/or reading), more school, dinner, family time (various activities), baths, snack time, prayers, and then bed.

They play music all of the time.

By the looks of it, every single kid is expected to learn how to play an instrument (and play it every day). They should probably think about starting a family band.

They volunteer.

The Duggars like to give back as much (and as often) as they can.

They travel a whole bunch.

From D.C. to Japan to El Salvador, the Duggar family spends a good amount of their time traveling around the world.

And finally, they do a lot of laundry and cooking... like a lot.

With a family of 21 comes an insane amount of laundry and cooking. They have to feed so many people that they usually have a "team" of kids that's in charge of the meals for the day.

Images: TLC/DLC (7)