Meet 'The Voice's Josh Kaufman: 8 Reasons This Talented Dad Could Win It All

After his stellar performance last week, Team Usher's Josh Kaufman has quickly made his way up to the top of The Voice ladder. His standing ovation-worthy rendition of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" stole the show and (probably) instantaneously made every other coach wish they had him on their team. Why? Because he's got a pretty good chance of winning the entire show.

Kaufman was placed very last in the show's lineup during the Top 12 performances — yes, even after the fan-favorite Jake Worthington — which definitely means that the producers know he's star quality. Now that's saying something. And while Kaufman totally had some help from an incredible backdrop — it was basically raining fire sparks behind him — and some talented backup singers, he completely deserved every cheer and applaud from the audience. His sultry yet growly voice matched with his confident stage presence is what's going to keep on pushing him further and further in this competition.

Little to say, it will definitely be a big upset if Kaufman is eliminated on Tuesday's episode (or even drops to the bottom three), but, of course, we'll just have to wait and see how America votes. For now, check out some of the reasons why Kaufman is one of the best contestants on Season 6 of The Voice:

1. He has a seriously unique and amazing voice.


The coaches are always impressed with him, and Adam Levine is completely jealous that Josh isn't on his team (like really jealous).

2. He was totally on Star Search in 1993.

ntim8stranger on YouTube

Jump to 2:08 to see 16-year-old Josh belt it out.

3. He's a father (and his kids are completely adorable).

The contents of an "Easter Bag" made for me by my daughter... Miss my wife and kids. #inspiration #happyeaster

4. He's been rockin' out since he was an adorable toddler.

Some strong throwback Thursday action #guitargame #glassesgame #donnieandmarie #TT

5. He's a philosopher.

6. He's super fashionable.

He definitely knows how to pick out a good pair of shoes.

7. He always wears a fedora (and his fans love that).

8. Most importantly, grandmas love him.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC; iamjoshkaufman/Instagram (2); @iamjoshkaufman/Twitter; Josh Kaufman/Facebook (2)