7 Spoiler-y Reasons Why 'The Originals'' Davina Isn't Ready To Rule The Witches Just Yet

We all had a feeling that this day would come. Ever since The Originals' most powerful witch was resurrected, AHS: Coven-style, Davina Claire's been on the fast track to being the boss witch. And who could blame her? Tuesday night's new episode, "A Closer Walk With Thee," hints at the fact that Genevieve is losing control of her coven — particularly Davina — so that can only mean one thing. The young witch is tired of playing games, which is fine since Genevieve is almost as immature as Monique, but is she ready to take over the entire operation? We're not so sure.

If we look at the series' youngest regular character, she hasn't really proven that she can handle this. And, after all, she's only a teenager — that's hardly a selling point for letting her run around in charge of all of the magic in New Orleans. But, a lack of age-related experience aside, Davina spent the majority of her time on this series either dead or someone's prisoner. We all know what happens when an excessive amount of power is thrust upon someone who's got no experience with it — just look at Game of Thrones' Joffrey. Unlike Joffrey, Davina is a great character and we'd really like it if she could live for a least a few seasons (assuming The Originals is renewed again next year), so here's why she should hold back from taking control of The Quarter's witches if she has a choice:

She's Still Untrained

If she can't harness all of that power, what's the use in having it at all? Sure, she can make a few flowers bloom and set off some fireworks, but Davina still needs a lot more work before she can maintain control over the witches and the magic in New Orleans.

She's Spiteful

Look at that face. Granted, everyone on this series acts out of spite on a consistent basis. But Davina's got something they don't have: teenage spite, which might be the most powerful brand of all. And, even though that's powerful to begin with, she doesn't have the resolve or the strength just yet to back that up.

She Turns Up The Drama

I guess we can't really count this against her because this is The CW, after all. But as a leader, she'd have to keep the drama to a minimum so as not to cloud her judgement. And considering her reactions to Klaus hurting her first love, when her powers started to explode at the start of the season, and when Klaus offered her a special gift at the Feast of the Blessings, she's definitely not quite there yet.

She Wants To Be The Center Of Attention

She flourished under Marcel treating her like the Princess of the World and Elijah taking an interest in her powers. And during the Feast of the Blessings, Davina made sure she had the biggest of fireworks displays and was ready to claw Monique's eyes out for getting more gifts than her. It's fine to want attention and recognition for your gifts, but as a leader, anonymity is your friend.

Monique Doesn't Respect Her

Monique is easily the worst and most entitled character on this show so, if I were Davina, my first order of business as a leader would be to imprison her for life or just kill her. Monique is actually that bad, but more importantly, she has no respect for Davina at all. Monique's more or less been bullying Davina since she was resurrected and I have no doubt that she'd stab her in the back (literally) if she deemed her unfit to rule. I mean, she killed her own aunt who risked her life to bring her back. Not a good enemy to have in your charge.

She Trusts Too Easily

She let Marcel keep her prisoner and use her as a weapon because she trusted that he was keeping her safe. I mean, he was — but he was also still USING her. Ugh. The same pretty much went for Elijah when he started teaching her magic so that she could help him out as well. And even recently, she accepted a gift and more or less made and alliance with Klaus, trusting that he'd leave Josh alone. C'mon, girl.

She Spent A Lot Of Time As A Prisoner (And Also Dead)

Last but certainly not least — when we met Davina, she was spending all of her days and nights in the attic of Father Kieran's church. Why? Because Marcel was "protecting" her by keeping her locked up there. When she finally escaped, she just became Klaus' prisoner and when she escaped from there, she died. Davina hasn't really spent enough time with her freedom to be able to properly handle the power she'd have if she became the leader of the witches. She could use at least a few episodes of running amuck before she's ready.

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