Do Yoga, Have Better Sex

Even those of us who don’t practice yoga (that would be me) know that it’s awesome for both your physical and mental well-being. But guess what else yoga is awesome for? Your sex life. More specifically, strengthening your muscles and core so you can have totally mind-blowing sex.

World Lifestyle put together this handy dandy infographic to walk you through 10 yoga poses that will apparently do wonders for your sex life. It’s pretty obvious why some of them are useful; as the infographic says about the bridge pose, “Hips thrusting in the air… need we say more?” Others, though… well, let’s just say I learned a little something while perusing this chart. The cat-cow pose, for instance, engages your pelvis — which, it seems, can help with orgasms. Also, poses like upward dog and legs-up-the-wall seem to help with blood flow and circulation, which looks like it’s a good thing. Who knew?

According to SheKnows, you can even use yoga poses during the act itself. Just, y’know…. Make sure you’re up for the challenge. Sex is fun, and trying out new positions is fun, but don’t hurt yourself while attempting to achieve the ultimate in what I’ll now be referring to as “conscious coupling” (thanks, Gwyneth Paltrow!). Now who’s up for a good romp in the hay?

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