'Portlandia' Season 4 Finale Sketch "Feminist Moon Weekend" Is Right Up Your Alley — VIDEO

Thursday is Portlandia's Season 4 finale, but before you say goodbye to Kath, Dave, Nina, Lance, Mr. Mayor, and everyone else, you have to check out this new Portlandia feminism sketch from the as-yet-unreleased episode, starring everyone's favorite totally-not-but-totally-are couple, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

In it, Toni and Candace are leading a bus trip to a "Feminist Moon Weekend," an all-female retreat one group member says "sounds like heaven on Earth." (Incidentally, that group member is feminist pop icon k.d. lang — Portlandia gets some awesome cameos, guys.) It sounds idyllic, until it is interrupted by the arrival of the male bus driver, played by Saturday Night Live alum and Olivia Wilde's babydaddy, Jason Sudeikis.

Sudeikis, as Kim — I'm sorry, Kimtopher — gives a spot-on performance as a good guy trying hard to endear himself to a bus load of women who he's offending with his very presence. And did I mention he's wearing a wig that looks like a pile of ramen noodles in addition to a deeply heinous denim vest? It's pretty fantastic.

I'm super excited for the season finale, which I am sure will be laugh-until-you-snort-Kombucha-out-your-nose hilarious, but not excited at all for the wait until Season 5!

Check out the sketch below: