Proof That 'Mean Girls' Damian Is Actually a Disney Sidekick

While there's never a wrong time to recite quotes from your favorite, insta-classic Tina Fey movie, the Mean Girls 10th Anniversary — which just so happens to fall on April 30, 2014 — is an excellent excuse to trot back down the halls of the Plastics' realm. And while we're all focusing on who's trying to hard to make "fetch" happen or whether or not butter is a carb, we can't forget about the under-sung hero of Mean Girls : one of Cady's trusty sidekicks, Damian.

Of course, while we'll never forget Damian lending his favorite pink polo shirt to Cady so she could participate in the "On Wednesdays we wear pink" rule, or the time he was caught turning into a bologna monster, or the fact that he was resolutely one of the greatest people you will ever meet, an interesting thought came upon us: Damian is basically your text book Disney sidekick. He's funny, he's feisty, and most importantly, he's absolutely integral to the classic that is Mean Girls. Besides, if the Plastics are supposedly Disney princesses, then Damian would have to be one of the kickass sidekicks, right?

His Shocked Face is So Epic, It Practically Tells The Story On Its Own...

...just like all Disney sidekicks, who are contractually obligated to express extreme disbelief at least twice during the course of any cartoon adventure.

You get the point.

He Can Be a Wee Bit Mean, But We Forgive Him

To Damian's credit, that girl was dressed like Danny DeVito. (And to Meeko's credit, Flit is a total buzzkill.)

He's a Little Sensitive When He's Put on the Spot

And he would totally slither his tongue at Ms. Norbury like Mulan's Mushu if he could.

He's Never Afraid to Knock Some Sense Into Our Hero

An A.P. math class? Eww, why?

That's basically the high school equivalent of hitting the hero over the head with a gourd... or whatever Rafiki has on the end of that stick.

He's Got All The Confident Sass of a Mischievous Woodland Creature

And none for Gretchen Weiners.

Come on. If Gretchen Weiners was a Disney character, she would totally be Percy the Pug.

His Wisdom is Invaluable, But Ultimately Ignored

Damian totally warned Cady about the plastics. But did she listen? NOPE.

Kinda like how the Genie reminded Aladdin that lying about, well, everything and pretending to be rich and famous (kind of like the plastics) was a terrible idea. Did he listen? NOPE. Coincidence? I think not.

He's Got His Perfectly-Balanced Sidekick Partner in Crime

And they're both indispensable to our heroine. Even if the above scene reminds us a little more of the hyenas from The Lion King:

Hey, even Disney villains have bookend sidekicks.

He Busts Everyone's Chops

To iconic effect, of course. And thankfully he's not quite as much of a bummer as Zazu:

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