'Jem and the Holograms' Casts Ryan Guzman as Rio: 7 Fun Facts About The Leading Man

The movie that is making all of your '80s and '90s childhood dreams come true has just found its leading man. Ryan Guzman has been cast as Rio in Scooter Braun's Jem and the Holograms, joining Aubrey Peeples as Jem and Stefanie Scott, Aurora Perrineau, and Hayley Kiyoko as the rest of the Holograms. Rio Pacheco was basically Jem's adaptation of Lois Lane. He was the road manager and technician of the Holograms and was dating Jerrica despite the fact that he had feelings for Jem. And, no, he didn't know they were the same person.

From the look of the official Jem teaser poster, it's going to take a little reworking of the mythos to help Rio maintain that ignorance in the modern world of camera phones and DNA testing. Superman might be able to put on a pair of glasses and convince everyone that he's a mild-mannered reporter named Clark Kent, but you can use the Internet to figure out someone's addressed using their home phone number these days. Unless Jem's holographic earrings induce brain damage, then Rio is probably going to notice that he's staring at the same face with and without makeup all the time. Right?

Ryan Guzman, the face behind the sort of two-timer, is best known for his work in Step Up: All In and his reoccuring role as Aria's season four boyfriend, Jake, in Pretty Little Liars. He's got upcoming roles in films with Jennifer Lopez and Brittany Snow, but Jem and the Holograms could be the biggest movie of his career so far if the buzz that already exists for it is any indication. For those who never watched a single Step Up movie and don't pay attention to any Aria flings that aren't Ezra Fitz, here are some fun facts about Guzman:

1. He's a Mixed-Martial Arts Fighter

According to his IMDB page, Guzman's role as Jake the martial arts teacher was more than just a role. He trained in M.M.A. while attending college in Sacramento.

2. He Played Baseball

Guzman was ranked one of the best left-hand pitches in the state of California when he was in high school and continued to play at college until an injury ended his career aspirations.

3. He's Half-Mexican

Guzman is half-Mexican on his father's side. His mother has English, Scottish, German, French, and Dutch ancestry.

4. He Wants to Direct

Guzman is an aspiring writer and an aspiring director. His IMDB bio notes that he has "hopes of one day adding director to his resume".

5. He Was Born in Texas

Despite being raised in Sacramento, CA, Guzman was actually born in Abilene, Texas on September 21, 1987.

6. He Modeled His Way Through College

Before he was an actor, Guzman worked as a model on campaigns such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, and Reebok. He started doing it while attending Sierra College and continued doing it after moving to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

7. He's on Twitter

It's one thing to have a Twitter, but to use it to give out inspirational life lessons? Guzman has all he needs to have ladies swooning long before we ever see the first pictures of him as Rio.

Image: Giphy; Tumblr; Tumblr; Tumblr; WeHeartIt; Calvin Klein