Your BF Might Not Text You, But These Shades Will

If you've had more long lost sunglasses than you've had long lost lovers, these high-tech specs are made just for you. Eyewear maker Tzukuri has created one of the smartest wearable tech pieces on the market: sunglasses that will connect to your iPhone and alert you if you leave them behind.

I've seen a lot of wearable tech out there, but a lot of times, function trumps form. But even if these sunglasses weren't as smart as they are, I'd still considering spending the $350 asking price because they're so damn pretty!

Tzukuri sunglasses are all handcrafted in Japan and look like something you'd expect from Ray-Ban or Persol. They are made with polarized lenses and an anti-scratch coating. Each pair takes up to three weeks to make and, according to their website, "goes through nearly 100 steps and 8 quality control checks before they’re finished."

They haven't just focused on making them gorgeous either — they've also worked hard to make sure they fit all of our faces. Using 3D technology, they analyzed thousands of faces and developed six designs in three sizes that aim to "fit more harmoniously with a broader range of facial structures."

Now the really cool stuff. How, you ask, are a pair of glasses able to text? Simple: iBeacon. Working with the Apple technology, Tzukuri glasses are bluetooth-enabled and can connect with your phone, so long as you have your Bluetooth on and you've downloaded the app. So, once you start walking away from your beautiful sunglasses, you'll receive notifications on your phone at 16 feet, 32 feet and 50 feet. And if for some reason you forget where you were when you last had them, you can look on the app's map to see where they are.

Because they are solar-powered, you never really need to charge them, but if they do run low on energy, all you have to do is lay them in the sun for an hour and they'll be good as new.

If you're guilty of sometimes leaving your phone behind, Tzukuri's app can help you out with that, too. If you're wearing your glasses, but forget to pick up your iPhone, it will begin to buzz loudly to catch your attention as you walk away.

So, basically, you need these sunglasses. Pre-order them on their website now and you'll get a $100 discount.

Image: tzukuri/Facebook