Move Over, Ligers: Khumba The 'Zonkey' Is Here, And He's An Adorable Donkey-Zebra Hybrid

A zebra has stripes in all the right places. It is pretty cute, like maybe 8 out of 10 on the cute scale. But what if we told you there's something better out there? Something that takes all the stripey goodness of a zebra and combines it with the curmudgeonly perfection of a dwarf, blue-eyed albino donkey? This animal is real, it's here, it's among us, and it's a zonkey by the name of Khumba.

Khumba was born on April 21 at the Zoologico de Reynoso in northern Mexico, a day that shall henceforth be known as Zonkey Day, when stripes should be worn and all things are possible. See, zonkeys, a member of the exclusive and not-quite-real zebroid family, usually never come to be. Donkeys have 62 chromosomes, while zebras have a varying number depending on their species, according to the Huffington Post. Zonkeys, in case you're wondering, can also be known as zebonkeys, zebronkeys, zebrinnys, zebrulas, zebrasses, zedonks, and zebadonks, according to that bastion of scholarly research and zonkey knowledge, Wikipedia.

But the zonkey born this month is a special case. Turns out the love Khumba's mom, a zebra named Rayas (that's Spanish for Stripes), and dad, Ignacio, had for each other just couldn't be stopped. Rayas used to visit Ignacio every afternoon, while the donkey would sometimes cross into the zoo to visit her, a zoo official told NBC affiliate WWBT.

Khumba, a wily little zedonkadonk wearing zebra leggings and a donkey behind, is the cutest thing on four legs anywhere.

Here he is with mom Rayas:

Here he is napping:

Here's a better look at his amazing ears:

All hail Khumba, the most zonkarific ungulate on the planet.

Image: Zoologico de Reynosa Facebook.