12 Mother's Day Brunch Recipes to Show Your Mom You Cook (and Care)

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If you're looking for the perfect easy-on-your-wallet Mother's Day gift, look no further. If there's ever a day you should bring your mom breakfast in bed, it's May 11th. Or better yet, let her sleep in and wake up to the smells of the fabulous brunch you're putting together in her honor. There's one thing she'll enjoy even more than the stacked menu, and that's eating it next to you. (Talk about a win-win.)

From simple recipes like avocado garlic toast to more extravagant menu items like fruit tacos with chocolate tortillas, I've got you covered — no matter what your momma's tastes are. And, make sure and remember to leave a note on the napkin or a card under the plate! Moms love that kind of stuff.

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