Who Will Hailee Steinfeld Be in 'Pitch Perfect 2'?

Well this has the potential to be super exciting: Former gun-toting True Grit-er turned young Hollywood starlet on the rise, Hailee Steinfeld will appear in Pitch Perfect 2 (a.k.a. the Internet's most anticipated movie sequel). Which is not only a coup for the film but the young actress herself, who could do with a bit of fun and silliness on her resume. This, of course, got us thinking — given Steinfeld's varied and often serious roles prior to this — what sort of character could (or should) she play? No doubt she is a talented young lady, and could likely do most anything... but what would be the most fun?

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and the majority of the rest of the cast are set to reprise their roles (alongside director/star Elizabeth Banks), but beyond that? Plot details are scarce. So, naturally, left up to our own devices we started wondering what sort of character Steinfeld would best embody. With Kay Cannon back to pen the sequel script, we know that whomever she may be, that person will need to be a big personality, just like all the other girls. So we decided to weigh out some hypothetical new characters for the actress in a few completely made-up options, below.

1. The New Becca

Meet Everleigh, who does not give a fuck what you think about her and her opinions. She's a staunch and surprisingly volatile freshman who truly believes her way is even better than the highway. Mash-ups? Yawn. Remixes? Bo-o-ring. Everleigh prefers her musical stylings to be dark and original rather than "derivative," as she calls one of Becca's. Ouch! But when you think of it: what better way to give Becca a taste of her own medicine than to bring a new assertive type into the fold?

2. The Talented Nemesis

Meet Gwen — although, how could you not have already? She's only the biggest thing to hit collegiate a cappella since the pitch pipe. A freshman at Cooper University, she has all-but-guaranteed the all-female group there, the Cooper Codas, a spot at this year's nationals. In fact, she's so determined to bring that glory over to Cooper that she'll do whatever it takes to take down the Bellas and ensure the ladies fall flat on their faces (and notes).

3. The Shy New Girl

Meet Ramona. A junior transfer to Barden University from the local community college, Ramona has long desired to break out from the crowd, but always manages to bungle it when the time comes to step up. A chronic over-thinker, after Ramona joins the Bellas, she is determined to quell her own stage fright, with epic diaster results. At her community college, she became notorious for simply running off-stage mid-song to avoid embarrassment. Will the Runaway Bride of college a cappella actually manage to stay in the game (and on the stage) long enough to prove herself a serious musical contender? Not if her mind has any say in the matter!

4. The Eager Beaver

Meet Tamra. An 18-year-old freshman at Barden, she's a bit of a social outcast, nerd-y type — not that that has ever stopped her from being vocal. Preferring the company of her fantasy novels to actual social interaction, Becca and the crew discover her singing talents through the crack of her dorm room door, where Tamra sings Harry and The Potters songs while she cleans. Her extreme paranoia in social situation makes her a bit of an odd duck, but through her friendship with the Bellas, Tamra discovers her true potential — and maybe even finds a more-than-friend type in Treblemaker's Benji Applebaum. (You know, Jesse's roommate and cape-wearing, close-up magic friend. The underappreciated and all-too-keen Benji stole our hearts and we think it's high time someone stole his.)