Banks Drops 'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoiler

Aca-awesome: Elizabeth Banks, director of the upcoming Pitch Perfect sequel, just spilled details to the Huffington Post about what we can look forward to seeing in the new film. We already know that the sequel to the 2012 musical film will once again star Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, who played Barden freshmen Becca and "Fat Amy," but where would the film pick up in their collegiate adventure? Elizabeth Banks has this to say about Pitch Perfect 2:

"All I can say right now is that they will be graduating seniors this time around, rather than incoming freshmen."

When we first saw Anna Kendrick's Becca, she was a freshmen who didn't even want to be in college — instead, Becca wanted to head out to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being a music producer. Eventually, the musically-talented tough-cookie found a group of girls who she clicked with and she decided to stick around. She ultimately turned her a cappella group on its head and encouraged them to sing modern songs and to use mash-up stylings for their competition pieces, and, at the end of the movie, Becca was one of the people running auditions for a cappella newbies.

Now that Becca and her a cappella friends are seniors, what can we expect from Pitch Perfect 2? While he hasn't been confirmed to return as Jesse yet, we hope that Skylar Astin is around to act as Becca's love interest and fellow a cappella enthusiast. While we won't know for sure if Jesse and Becca will be able to make it through three years of college as a couple, we can at least hope that his own a cappella group, the Treblemakers, sing several tunes within the film. Sure, we love the story of Pitch Perfect, but at the end of the day, we're watching it for the crazy-good mashups and awesome covers of our favorite songs. (Remember how popular Anna Kendrick's version of "Cups" got after the movie?)

Another major plot point that Pitch Perfect 2 needs to tackle? Graduation, and what happens now that Becca will have to pass the torch down to a new Bella generation. Will Becca's successors raise the Bellas up, or will Becca have trouble finding someone worthy of the whistle? Though Anna Camp's character, former Bella leader Aubrey, will have graduated by the time that Pitch Perfect 2 happens, we'd love for her to make an appearance in order to school the newest Bellas. While she may have not been the most, umm, "progressive" leader that the Bellas saw, she definitely knew how to keep those ladies in line.

We're psyched that Pitch Perfect 2 is getting a sequel with many of our favorite people involved, and we can't wait to see how they tackle senior year.

Image: Getty Images