'Heaven Adores You' Trailer Focuses on Elliott Smith's Unconventional Life, Lasting Impact

Attendees of the San Francisco International Film Festival will be the first to get a rare glimpse into the enigmatic life of musician, Elliott Smith. The documentary, called Heaven Adores You focuses on the late singer-songwriter's unconventional life and his lasting impact. Despite his brief 9 year stint as a solo artist, Smith's talent, penchant for songwriting, and his unsolved yet tragic death still evokes tremendous draw and interest to this day.

The film was produced by a high school friend of Smith's, Kevin Moyer, who also compiled an album of the Academy Award Nominated star's unreleased songs entitled, Live From Nowhere Near You. Moyer produced the album in the name of charity to help street youth, and the funds for the movie were backed by a kickstarter campaign that director Nickolas Rossi instituted. The film can be described as unexpectedly intimate for an elusive man such as Smith, sharing insight and interviews from Moyer, Smith's sister, Ashley, and even his ex-girlfriend Joanna Bolme.

If the teaser below is any evidence, Heaven Adores You is bound to be not only compelling but telling. The clip gives insight into the feel of Smith's laid back yet haunted life and his unprecedented view of the world.

You can view the first teaser for Heaven Adores You here:

Heaven Adores You on YouTube

Image: Tumblr