Lady Masturbation in the Movies, Yay!

Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza talked about masturbation on Conan last night. The 29-year-old actress has a very-real self-pleasuring scene in her upcoming movie, The To-Do List, coming to theaters on July 26. Not only does this mean we're going to actually see her masturbate on screen for our viewing pleasure (wink wink), it's also super de duper cool and may or may not be contributing to the raging girl-crush we already had on Aubrey to begin with. Watch her try to explain the situation to Conan while he pretty much has an awkwardness heart attack, and you'll love them both a bit more for it.

The best part of this entire thing is imagining A) the moment Aubrey walked in and saw the ceiling camera and B) the moment she asked for direction and the director was like ... exactly what the script tells you, dummy. Or better yet, maybe the director's response was like, "MASTURBATE. Did I stutter?"

Any of those scenarios would have really been amazing to see, but since we don't have that option, we'll have to settle for an art-imitating-life view of what it's like when Aubrey goes downtown on herself. It's kind of insane when you think about how taboo female masturbation has been up to this point, especially in movies. So this is double trouble: one point for Aubrey being a bad ass as usual, and the other for this kind of scene actually being featured in a movie that deals with female pleasure, sex, and growing up.

Go world, go Aubrey, and Conan? Grow up, you can talk about girls jackin' it without having to put on a funny voice, we aren't ten anymore.