Julia Roberts Helped George Clooney Propose to Amal Alamuddin ... Kind Of

We know he's engaged, but did you know that George Clooney proposed over a home cooked meal to Amal Alamuddin? I'm pretty sure that most of us would assume that a home cooked proposal meal is generally not a Lean Cuisine or a bowl of spaghetti (although, hey, if that's your ideal proposal meal, this is the judgment free zone). If a dude is going to propose over some food he whips up on his own — and if that dude is the ever-masterful, suave, and talented George Clooney — he's likely going to want to impress his (hopefully) fiancé-to-be. It's a meal that could mark the rest of his life with this lady — or the end of it, if it goes awry. Anyway, what this means is that if a guy cooks up some dinner in order to pop the question, he likely has ample skills in the kitchen.

And turns out, Clooney does. In fact, back when he was filming Ocean's 12 in Chicago, he had to cook a meal for Julia Roberts on set. Chef Efrain Medrano of the local Italian eatery, Spiaggia, taught Clooney how make some recipes, such as a Caprese salad and pasta bolognese. Medrano said that Clooney "was very good [...] he knew exactly what to do [in the kitchen]." Clooney has been been Italian-chef approved!

So Alamuddin definitely got a good meal — after all, she did say yes. Now, if only we knew exactly what he cooked. It's unlikely that we will, given that this actor is pretty private and not one to Instagram all of his meals. Plus, he's trying to keep his engagement low key.

However, if we do want to know information about anything related to the engagement, we probably could just ask his parents, as they're not ones to shy away from gushing over their son's recent news.

But, we'll stay away from Mr. and Mrs. Clooney and let this kitchen star and his fiancé just enjoy their recent engagement. I'll just head on over to Pinterest to indulge my need to ogle pretty pictures of food.