Missing Fox Executive Gavin Smith Declared Dead, So What Really Happened?

Two years to the date that he vanished inexplicably, authorities have declared 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith dead. He was last seen leaving a friend's house, and up until today, police had yet to explain how or why he went missing. Unfortunately, authorities confirmed the suspicions of both Smith's wife Lisa and his sister Tara Addeo, who previously attributed Smith's disappearance to foul play.

Smith's car resurfaced early last year, which prompted detectives to launch a homicide investigation. Despite their findings, they still haven't located Smith, and could only provide extremely limited information surrounding the circumstances of his death.

Reportedly, a detective informed Addeo of Smith's demise, stating that "There was enough biological evidence to prove that Gavin was killed," and subsequently disclosed the fact that Smith "died on the night of his disappearance." The L.A. Sheriff's Department has yet to release any further details.

Six months after Smith went missing, his wife spoke candidly to Inside Edition about the couple's marital issues and revealed her belief that her husband had been murdered:

I know him well. There’s nothing on earth that would keep him from coming back to take care of his family,” says Lisa. “I just don’t picture him walking in and saying, ‘I’m sorry; I just needed a breather.’ I’m prepared for the worst.

Addeo echoed those sentiments just last month when she told The Hollywood Reporter:

I know that Gavin would not hurt himself, and I have a hard time believing that Gavin would ever walk away from his sons. The only other alternative is that there would have been foul play.

Smith worked 18 years in Fox's Distribution department, serving as a branch manager for theaters in Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Image: Twitter/@THR