9 Ways 'New Girl's Schmidt & 'O.C.'s Sandy Cohen Are More Alike Than We Realized

I have a confession to make: I, a self-proclaimed O.C. fanatic, only recently realized New Girl 's Max Greenfield played the younger version of Sandy Cohen (the perfect patriarch played by Peter Gallagher) on The O.C. And by "only recently realized" I mean "realized it less than 24 hours ago and I'm incredibly embarrassed it took me this long and now I'm questioning everything I thought I knew." MAX "SCHMIDT" GREENFIELD PLAYED A YOUNG SANDY COHEN. Incredible. Just incredible.

How'd I figure this out? The information came to me in a dream. I supposed I'd always known it, and it had been buried in my subconscious for years. I woke up with a jolt from a deep slumber and blurted out, "SANDY AND SCHMIDT." The truth hit me like a freight train.

Just kidding. That isn't at all what went down. The reality: Wednesday night, I was looking at Greenfield's IMDB page. And then, I saw The O.C. credit. I honestly don't remember the specific reason I pulled up his IMDB page in the first place, but hey. That doesn't matter. All that matters is that the page was pulled up and I was just so happened to scroll down far enough to see three magical words:"Young Sandy Cohen." SCHMIDT. SANDY. AUGHHHHH.

Okay. I'm not about to posit a theory that Schmidt is Sandy and Sandy is Schmidt (if only because I wouldn't know what to make of Adam Brody's New Girl cameo). That'd be bonkers. Sandy and Schmidt are not one in the same. However, they are much more alike than I'd ever realized. (Granted, I'd never thought about it before finding out Greenfield played college Sandy.)

You know what I am about to do? Share the Schmidt/Sandy similarities (ooh, look at that alliteration). Here we go!

They Have Strong Feelings About Food

Don't mess with Schmidt's hair chutney or his edible chutney.

I pity any dope who tries to come between Sandy and his bagels.

Kids, Amirite?

Such sources of stress!

(Fear not! Sandy "Best TV Husband and Dad Ever" Cohen is just exasperated. He doesn't mean it!)

They Are Very Wise



They Could Probably Make "Fetch" Happen

These two know how to sell a line, no matter how silly.

Sexy Can I?

Hubba hubba, we're in trouble!


Oh, I feel.

Mad props, dad.

They Know How to Party

These two will pull out all the stops.

They Love Hard

Schmidt might love a little too hard (the Schmidt/Cece/Elizabeth triangle sure ended poorly), but he is a lover.

The greatest love to ever be on TV.

The Eyebrows Make The Men



Are you ready to watch the scene? Here it is:

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