Brian Williams Takes on Ludacris' "Rollout" in Incredible Fan-Made Rap Mashup — VIDEO

You may know Brian Williams as a nightly news anchor, but now he's also a rap genius extraordinaire. We now have footage Brian Wiliams "rapping' "Rollout" by Ludacris! Well, sort of. Editing does wonderful things.

This is right on the heels of when we watched Williams "rap" Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice." The editing magic of the good people over at The Tonight Show introduced us to the fact that Williams's reel can be cut to give the illusion that he is a rap superstar. Williams, however, requested that if Fallon and his crew got around to it, that he'd like to see himself "rapping" a song by Ludacris. (Well, as he called him, "Luda." Williams knows his rappers.)

But here's the thing: Williams didn't even need to wait for Fallon to create a mash-up for him! The Internet, the glorious thing that it is, knows no bounds and fulfilled Williams wishes, while also giving us a really funny treat. We now can watch a supercut video that gives the illusion that Williams is rapping Ludacris's lyrics. DJ Steve Porter is the mastermind behind this who beat Fallon to the punch of making this video.

Anyway, here's hoping for more of Williams pseudo-raps, but for now, enjoy "Rollout" as performed by Brian Williams!