What We Know About Kim's Wedding Dress

If you guys haven't heard already, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married. And it's going to be sort of a big deal and definitely outrageous, probably bordering on ostentatious. While we've known for a little while that the wedding is going to be set in Paris with around 200 guests in attendance, the actual wedding dress has been a total mystery — until recently.

According to E! News, Kim has picked a dress that she "beyond loves" and that the dress will be among the world's "elite."

Ok, so... basically everything is still pretty much a mystery. Although Kardashian has confirmed that there will be "multiple costume changes" for her and West's big day. Of course! I wouldn't expect anything less. It's a Kardashian event with a hint of Kanye West, all set in Paris. Drama and theatrics are pretty much required.

As for the designer of the dress, I suspect that we won't know that until the event itself, which is set to take place in 23 days. However, Kardashian was spotted leaving a Lanvin showroom in Paris recently, leaving me wondering just how different this wedding will be from her 2011 ceremony marrying Kris Humphries, when she wore Vera Wang.

I'm going to go ahead and assume that she will opt for no headdress this time, and a very different dress than her previous gown. Vera Wang makes beautiful dresses, but picking the same designer twice seems well, not very Kim Kardashian-like at all. Plus, given the outcome of her last marriage, she'll probably want to make everything as dissimilar as possible.

No matter what designer Kardashian chooses, it's safe to say that she'll look stunning. While a few people are still cringing at the thought of the future Mrs. Kanye West as a fashion icon, that's certainly what she's becoming. Remember, there was that whole Vogue cover thing.

No matter what your opinion on the celebrities themselves, the Kimye affair is going to be the celebrity wedding of the year, and I for one am pretty ready to see the ridiculousness unfold, one over-the-top detail at a time.