Kim Kardashian Pulls Off Parisian Chic at Couture Shows

Kim Kardashian may have a rocky past filled with terrible style choices, 72-day marriages, and that horrible “Bound 2” music video, but the reality TV star is trying (seemingly successfully) to put it all behind her. Taking Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week by storm, Kardashian looked practically Parisian chic and far, far from a fashion victim (unlike future hubby and baby daddy Kanye West) when she strolled into yesterday’s Stéphane Rolland show.

Wearing a shiny silk jumpsuit, a luxe short-sleeve cashmere coat — both made by Stéphane Rolland himself — and one statement-making choker necklace, Kardashian and her high fashion caused quite the media circus (and possibly a car crash or two) at the couture show.

Earlier this week, Kardashian was also spotted heading into Tom Ford’s Paris boutique, looking sleek and sexy in an all-black leather-and-fur ensemble. To everyone's surprise, it looks like Paris is doing good things for Kardashian's wardrobe, and there may be more where that came from, as Kardashian and West are bound to visit the city over the upcoming months while preparing for their French wedding this summer.

Kardashian’s Paris fashion choices are just a few recent examples of the reality TV star’s evolving style sense since hooking up with West. And despite the fact that it’s still a little strange how much pull the rapper has over his bride-to-be’s wardrobe, the change isn’t something we hate to see.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As recently as last year, Kardashian was a joke of sorts among the fashion crowd — with Anna Wintour reportedly banning her from the 2012 Met Gala — but Kardashian has slowly become a respected figure in the fashion world, with top-name designers inviting her to their shows and spoiling her (and her adorable child) with designer duds.

While she hasn’t pulled off her new style transformation seamlessly — an all-mustard-yellow ensemble will never be OK — it’s continually surprising and refreshing to see Kardashian steering clear of bandage dresses and slit-to-there skirts in favor of more polished and elegant pieces, like amazing coats and sleek pencil skirts.

Sure, she still goes overboard with the cleavage and possibly photoshops her selfies, but let’s just give her some time. After all, she's a work in progress.