You Can Buy Beyoncé's Actual Shoes

If I wear a pair of Beyoncé's old shoes, does that mean I'll automatically gain her bootylicious dance moves? Just the slight possibility is almost enough to make me drop the $2,500 they're going for right now on her pal Gwyneth Paltrow's site.

Bey's not the only one selling her stuff — Nicole Richie, Miranda Kerr, and GP herself have all offered up pieces from their closet in the name of charity. Considering these celebs end up on the best dressed list pretty much every time they hit the red carpet, having their blessing on an item of clothing means it's automatically stylish, no matter how you wear it.

Obviously, the pieces on sale is going pretty quickly — Kerr's flirty Tory Burch fit-n-flare dress and Juicy Couture blouse got snatched up almost instantly — but there are still a few awesome items left to buy.

Most of the stuff is a bit on the splurge-y side, but I bet you can get a couple of your BFFs to go in on one of Paltrow's chic bags or signature slinky dresses, as long as you set up a strict schedule for who gets to wear it when. Just leave my Beyoncé heels alone while I scour all of NYC's couch cushions for spare change.