11 Tacos for Cinco de Mayo Because You Can’t Binge-Drink Margaritas on an Empty Stomach

Come spring, there’s no shortage of excuses to stuff our faces. Between St. Paddy’s Day and spring break, Easter and Derby Day, it feels like we’ve been boozing and brunching all season long. But our favorite edible celebration? Cinco de Mayo, hands down. So, for your fiesta shenanigans, we rounded up the juiciest, most mouthwatering tacos to get you through a day of debauchery. Some of the recipes hail from south of the border; others have a suspiciously Tex-Mex flair — but all of them will keep you on your feet until the last mariachi man sings.

Because sure, Cinco de Mayo might not be Mexican Independence Day. It might only celebrate a small battle in the state of Puebla. But you know what? It’s a holiday with tacos and margaritas — and in our book, that’s the best kind.

Image: Love and Lemons


Let’s start off with a classic: tacos stuffed with grilled nopales, aka cactus paddles. It may sound prickly — but simmer it in a flavorful guajillo sauce, and it will show you its tender side. Thanks, Wild Greens and Sardines!

Image: Wild Greens and Sardines

Food Fanatic

Our friends at Food Fanatic throw chuck roast, a handful of spices, and some aromatics into their slow cooker — and a few hours later, out comes scrumptious beef that’s perfect for layering up tacos.

Image: Food Fanatic


Keep things light with spicy shrimp and a bright cilantro slaw, courtesy of Verses from My Kitchen.

Image: Verses from My Kitchen

Black Bean

Black beans make a hearty, meatless substitution in Love and Lemons’ tacos. Who says vegetarians can’t have fun?

Image: Love and Lemons

Banh Mi

This is, by no stretch of the imagination, an authentic taco for Cinco de Mayo — but it happens to be a damn good one. I Am a Food Blog takes cues from Vietnamese banh mi and piles her tacos high with pulled pork, sriracha, and quick-pickled veggies.

Image: I Am a Food Blog

Carne Asada

Another slow cooker recipe, these tacos from Half Baked Harvest get loaded up with fresh pico de gallo and — wait for it — French fries. Traditional? No. Fan-freaking-tastic? Obviously.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Roasted Veggies

The best part about tacos is that it’s up for whatever you’re craving — which means our veggie friends can join in, too! These roasted vegetable tacos with decadent avocado cream are just the thing. Thanks, Naturally Ella!

Image: Naturally Ella

Chicken Skin

Let’s be honest. The best part about fried chicken is the skin — and when you put it in a taco? Heaven on a plate. Pepper breaks it down.

Image: Pepper

Pulled Pork Mole

There’s nothing new about pulled pork tacos. But drizzle it in fresh, chocolate-infused mole, and you’ve got yourself a winner. The Roasted Root shows us how.

Image: The Roasted Root

Baja-Style Fish

Every cook needs a good fish taco recipe under her belt, and A Cozy Kitchen has the perfect one. With just the right amount of spice, this is a taco you’ll be making on many a weeknight to come.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Tequila Lime Shrimp

We’ll be drinking tequila on Cinco de Mayo, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cook with it too. Our favorite booze from south of the border becomes a delicious marinade for these shrimp tacos by Love and Lemons.

Image: Love and Lemons