11 Tacos for Cinco de Mayo Because You Can’t Binge-Drink Margaritas on an Empty Stomach

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Come spring, there’s no shortage of excuses to stuff our faces. Between St. Paddy’s Day and spring break, Easter and Derby Day, it feels like we’ve been boozing and brunching all season long. But our favorite edible celebration? Cinco de Mayo, hands down. So, for your fiesta shenanigans, we rounded up the juiciest, most mouthwatering tacos to get you through a day of debauchery. Some of the recipes hail from south of the border; others have a suspiciously Tex-Mex flair — but all of them will keep you on your feet until the last mariachi man sings.

Because sure, Cinco de Mayo might not be Mexican Independence Day. It might only celebrate a small battle in the state of Puebla. But you know what? It’s a holiday with tacos and margaritas — and in our book, that’s the best kind.

Image: Love and Lemons

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